Laurelan Ôl Menel, no more words

Words are language, feelings, our future inheritance, past and present.
Some … yell their hatred. Words are weapons
Some … whisper the tenderness of love. Words are caress.
Words of Reason, of Anger, of Passion, of Insanity, of Sorrow, of Fear, of the Forgetting,
of Life, of Confusion, of Desire, of the Night, of Death, of Pain, of LoveWords that resonate.
Words that caress, words that give, Words that kill, words that cut. The words we learn to cry. Words find their clear sound.
The rhyme has nothing to do but when words are insufficient, that the actions are useless, how to express his feelings?
Powerless in front of empty words, musical notes are her words, World will be her partition.
You will be her inspiration.



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