Lumina Umbra, warden of the Memory

In the dawn of day, Lumina Umbra took her harp


A few hours ealier

The land was only a souvenir for her. Torn trees, savage beasts and Dark spirit ruled the place now.

Gray in black, sealed, enlarges the sky and leaves a gray rain falling softly on the land.

Emotion and sadness comes from this luminosity of gray.

A silver river snakes between the masses of brown earth and green, reflecting white clouds, offering the landscape a palette of contrasting colors on dark black ground.

She no longer belonged here. Leaving was easy.

Of her wanderings, she discovered the simple joy of those whose soul awakens under the gaze of the walker that lingers. Those you leave but do not forget.

When all seemed lost, unalterable faith revived the glimmers of hope.

And all came back in waves: she was the daughter of light, warden of Memory.

After the long night, she saw the world as a painting, with shadows, colors in the range of land, scorched earth, green earth, the colors of turquoise sky, leaves of gold and orange.

When she arrived the night covered the forest enveloping the colorful bursts of the nature asleep.

The night muffled all noises, reducing whole life to silence. Nature was playing her, infuriating her expectations. Under the infinity of the sky, she relearned patience.

At first, the forest softly lights up, nature wakes up while the wind plays in the branches.

The sun veils the sky in golden color.


To be continued